Time to Venture Out

The key to feeling at home is to put in the work to build your home.

The spirit of being an entrepreneur is that of curiosity,  bravery, and passion. You might have noticed I didn’t say wealth, education, or demographic. Right now, in the midst of COVID-19, The 2020 elections, and the crashing economy, the idea of starting a new venture without any prior status is almost unheard of… unless you can pivot your plans to capitalize on the situation. If you were planning on seeing the world in 2020, reproiritize that money into investing in your community.  

Currently, local businesses are filing for bankruptcy or permanently closing all over the country, and more and more lately,  there have been places of business that are non-discriminating. One after the other, LGBT bars, colored restaurants, women resources are disappearing, but we are expected to continue to feel supported. The key to feeling at home is to put in the work to build your home. Put that travel money into building a new place for people in your community to meet or transact.

Personally, I have decided  to pay off pestering debt and save towards something that I have always been passionate about. There is a need to create a community for colored lesbians in Austin, and I am hoping to redirect my energy  and resources into making people like me feel more at home in a country they worked hard to build. Unfortunately,  the economy will crash. People are losing their contracts, and there will lower pricing to acquire assets. As long as you do your planning right, ask the right questions  to the right people, remain curious, and keep a learning attitude, there is always  a chance to succeed. I find that many don’t know what types of questions to ask… a good place to start is when you hear something,  or see something that perks your ears up. Follow where that takes you and find out more. No matter how little more.

No matter your community, be it racial,  religion, socio-economic,or sexual orientation, reinvesting in your own people will always benefit the posterity.

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