Status Quo 20!

3! 2! 1! Welcome into your year!

Purpose will greet you as your

dawn draws near,

and success will knock each day

because you finally prepared

after so much procrastination.


8. 9. 10. You open your eyes

hoping when the men

in uniform come to your street,

they don’t take your brother to the penn.


in the dead of night,

through its ashes,

the Phoenix takes flight.


Losing loved ones

whose hours you knew would come. You bid Adieu.

You revisit your plans.

You can still see the ink residue

from when you thought plans were finalized.

You emerge into a decade of looming panic.

3.2.1. Pull!


You emerge reminiscing

the good ole’ days, but demanding

change. A decade looming.

The Bern’s flame dies,

while wet markets are to blame.

Disguised behind theories, based on lies.


The hand we are dealt

does not define the blessings

behind that door.

Press on.

Get back to your self and center

and know that

your race has just begun.

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