Waking up on the 14th day of February 
with a band around your ring finger IS different. 

My roses are White
Top festive in red
Awed and envious was everyone in site
The countdown gets smaller til we wed

The unusual ease of the day 
With anticipation of the night
You realize in more than one way
You are blessed beyond your sight

The hugs are tighter
and each kiss sweeter
I know this is reserved for the fighter
Commitment without parameters

Sweet treats after candle lit dinner
Laughing at our humble beginnings
In the background, Pandora plays Sevyn Streeter
Being open and vulnerable about our feelings

Finding the smell of home 
Before I knew what home was
Taking the comfort of you in
Never wanting to be alone
Never letting go of what we built together.
What we continue to build. Ours.

They sleep on the stubborn bulls
The lion, and the fish that can't swim
They try to catch up, as we speed up
With them in out tailwind

My roses are still White
Candlelit evening, bubbles high.
It's a peaceful scene.
Home is where I found my heart.
You came in sight
It's you and me.

Love is work, but just like hard work, you get to see it pay off if you don't give up.

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