Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it.”

Ezra 10:4

Lips pressed together forming a smile as the tongue meets the roof of the mouth, then adjusting to form a round opening, and ending with the back of the tongue to a cough right before the tongue curls up.

From the Webster Dictionary, it means average, or not good enough

Your hair is a bit distracting. Can you do something else to it?

That’s a unique name, is there something else, maybe something a little easier you go by?

The demographic in this urban area will most likely appreciate a couple corner stores rather than a market with healthy food options. They prefer sweets to greens, don’t they?

I see here you attended public school in Newark, you should manage your expectations and try applying for a local position.

Honey, you’re too thick and dark. Nose too big, lips to full, hips too wide, and don’t get me started on those thunder thighs. Wait, I mean you’re just right… now.

What have you accomplished? You live your life too differently from what we know. Can you keep that out of my home?

Second chances are for the less pigmented. How dare you bother to ask to start fresh?

I heard about your culture, and your people on TV. It was pretty wild! Why would you allow that to happen? I think we should step in and make them a bit more civilized.

Lolita, Lolade, it’s not true.

The bread crumbs on the table are not goood enough.

An invitation to stand around the table while they sit and eat is out of the question.

After the meal, you give a dog a bone to silence him long enough until the bone runs out, and do it all over again

The state of progress is slow and mediocre, but thats all we know. Thats all we have been taught. So we take the bone and run with it.

They decide when and what we eat, and sometimes they sit around a feast, and tis time we are also up for grabs.

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