… On this journey, I accepted my sexuality as a lesbian, and came out to my very Nigerian family. I am now engaged to the love of my life.


Don’t settle! Coming out of undergrad, you CAN get a job paying at least $40,000 with benefits, and a 401K plan. It takes a lot of work, but it helps you build a strong foundation for the rest of your life.


After the meal, you give a dog a bone to silence him long enough until the bone runs out and do it all over again.

The state of progress is slow and mediocre, but thats all we know. Thats all we have been taught. So we take the bone and run with it.


Each time my family noticed me, they turned into a white and yellow, sometimes red, plaid pattern and all expression left their faces. I’m not sure how or why, but fear would wash over me, and I would start running. I used the individual part of the gate to get out of the house, and start heading towards the direction we drove in to get to the city.

Art by @krantzillustrations


Here are 10 Things I learned from having dogs. 

1. Selflessness

2. Responsibility

3. Unconditional Love

4. Every dog has his or her own personality

5. There are few stomach problem boiled rice and chicken can’t cure

6. Puppies are very much like human children…


Waking up on the 14th day of February
with a band around your ring finger IS different. 

My roses are White
Top festive in red
Awed and envious was everyone in site
The countdown gets smaller til we wed

Art by @46designsgh


The tricky part is building a GOOD network.
Building a good network allows you to leverage resources that you would not have otherwise. Have the mindset of, “Level set, and level up”

Reviews of a Satisfied Victim: Having Nothing to Say

Having nothing to say is like having nothing to write.

Having nothing to say is like having nothing in sight.

Having nothing to say is like looking at a starless night.

Having nothing to say is like hearing the wind blow through a kite.

Empty and ambitious-less.


The next couple of weeks were a transitioning process of me trying
to change my Nigerian accent into an American one. Along the line, I was told
multiple times that my Nigerian accent was unidentifiable; my practices in
front of the television paid off. I changed my mindset about the
way I dressed, the way I ate, even how I walked. In my head, it was a complete
makeover and I did not mind losing myself in the transition process, as long as
I would blend in.

Reviews of a Satisfied Victim: Chapter 13

My experience with Michelle Obama was so quick, I almost forgot it. It is important to brag about yourself when you accomplish things so you don’t forget the details. You can look back at these accomplishments, no matter how insignificant it felt or obnoxious you felt for voicing it out loud. In hindsight, I was a total bad ass. I initially left this story out of my book. I did not want to sound like I was bragging, and my dad encouraged me to include it. I am grateful to him for that.


The hand we are dealt

does not define the blessings

behind that door.

Press on.

Get back to your self and center

and know that

your race has just begun.

Birds of A Feather

Extend your wings to

birds of a different feather

and see in new light.

Beauty & The Eye of the Beholder

No doubt 2020 is one of the strangest years on record! It started off with the government shut down, then COVID sunk its teeth in, millions of people lost their jobs and tens of thousands became homeless in the matter of months as the November 2020 elections lurked in the shadows.  It is undoubtedly a lot.

I think I will start my next book, aiming for a collection of short stories. The twist will be in the style. I have started, and stopped for so long, but I think I finally figured it out. Inspired by the Netflix original show black mirror, and What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah. Wish me luck!

Time to Venture Out

No matter your community, be it racial,  religion, socio-economic, or sexual orientation, reinvesting in your own people will always benefit the posterity.

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