Welcome to Stories of Honey & Wealth

Soul of A Nigerian American

“of Honey & Wealth” is a collection of short stories with a variety of characters, plots, and even storytelling styles all written from the perspective of a Nigerian- American Millennial in the LGBT community.

… On this journey, I accepted my sexuality as a lesbian and came out to my very Nigerian family. I am now engaged to the love of my life.


Rest in Peace to the ones we lost. We say thank you with smiles on. We remember. 

Returning to us in forms of birth, marital unions, and sweet memories. We remember. 

Love and family conquering it all. Traditions united. Remember.


Lolita, Lolade, it’s not true.

The bread crumbs on the table are not goood enough.

An invitation to stand around the table while they sit and eat is out of the question.


The clock read 6:15 AM, and Yvonne unlocked her phone and opened her Bible app to her reading plan. She just started a plan about increasing your faith. The plan started with, “We tend to feel weak in our faith when we deal with things that make us feel afraid or threatened. We are most doubtful when we find ourselves overwhelmed with life.”

I started a career in customer experience, and analytics while getting my MBA from Georgia Tech. I now live in Texas, working at a Fortune 500 technology company for the e-commerce team.


My full name is Suliat Oyindamola Olusanya, but most people call me Sue. I was born in Ikorodu, Nigeria, a small city in Lagos…

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